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These Amazon links are all products we use, products we like, and the tools we need to stay organized and at the top of our game.

Canon XC15 4K UHD Professional Camcorder

Great camera smooth auto-focus and a 12 Megapixel One-inch 4K UHD-compatible CMOS Image Sensor. Audio adapter brings audio up another level.

Elgato Cam Link 4K

Connect any camera with HDMI out to your computer in seconds. The best tool for live streaming.

Aria Vent

Any vent can push air through it – this one does it in style. Make your air vent the talk of the room.

Cable Organizer Box

Cats and babies eating all your cables? Hide them in this box. Honestly – I love these and use them anywhere I have a power strip.

JOROTO Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

I call mine a faux-a-ton not to be confused with the bike of a similar name and better commercials. This bike is great and a great price.

Toshiba 43-inch Smart 4K UHD TV

Great price – looks great. Worked great on my existing mount for my old TV.

Cable Management Sleeve

If you can work a zipper you can organize your cables. This is a great way to make your office look better and tame those stray wires.

Olsa Tools 3/8-Inch Drive Aluminum Socket Organizer

My socket set had an elastic carrying case. This was the upgrade I needed to make it 1000 times better.

Tempered Glass Chair Mat

Your plastic mat sucks. This glass mat looks great and won’t crack under pressure.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

These headphones have great sound, noise cancelling, and great battery life. Great for the office or working from home.

USB C Female to USB Male Adapter

USB-C made a splash but not everything (or everyone is ready) this will “upgrade” your USB port.

GoPro Screw Mount Adapter

Attach any camera to a GoPro mount with this aluminum adapter. Perfect for small cameras or attaching a phone mount.

Backpack for iMac

This small tray is great for keeping your desktop clean and can hold a couple of drives for extra storage. Win-win.

Thule Subterra PowerShuttle Electronics Carrying Case

Took a while to find a case for the Sony WH-CH700N headphone that I liked. This one is perfect.

Gerber Dime Mini Multi-Tool

Perfect for the everyday carry toolkit. None of the tools are great but all of them are better than the tool you don’t have. may receive a commission from purchases via these links.